Nozlen Protective Cases

Protection For Your Hot Wheels® and Matchbox® Cars
Nothing is more satisfying than finding a few Super Treasure Hunts that have been avoiding you for months. That satisfaction quickly turns to anger if you drop that car and damage it before you get a chance to pop it into a Nozlen Protective Case! Play it safe, protect your treasure!

Nozlen’s Most Popular Protective Case
The Model HWC1, is our best selling case. This case is a two piece design made out of crystal clear plastic with a sturdy design that keeps your car collection (and corners) safe for years! It fits most “mainline” sized, carded Hot Wheels® and Matchbox® vehicles with a card size of 6.5” x 4.25”. 

What Do Our Customers Think?

"I’ve been collecting Hot Wheels for years and have seen lots of protectors, then I came across the Nozlen Protectors! Man, there's a few things I really love about these. First, the protectors are crystal clear. Most protectors I’ve seen are real hard plastic and they get brittle and blurry as well as being too expensive for most folks to buy. I know it’s hard to buy protectors when you can get another casting instead lol, but I’m telling you, the enjoyment of putting your treasure in safe protectors is sweet! The Nozlen Protectors are so clear you can still see them perfectly. One last big plus for collectors like myself, is they are very affordable. Well hey y’all, enjoy your treasures keep them safe!!"

Ken H -

Eliminate The Damage To Your Hot Wheels® Collection

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