About Nozlen

Nozlen is a family owned small business operating out of central Illinois. Our philosophy since day one has been to offer quality products at reasonable prices.  NozlenCases.com is a division of Nozlen Corp. The company was founded in 2013.  Since inception we have specialized in developing unique products that feed the needs of our customer bases.

Nozlen Cases

Pictured above is our Nozlen Protective Case Model HWC1

We have been selling our Nozlen Protective Cases through various marketplaces and one of our own websites. The protective cases have gained a lot of traction throughout the diecast collecting world, so we decided to build out it’s own site that will focus exclusively on our Protective Line of cases.   Our main Protective Case is the model HWC1. This fits most standard “mainline” sized diecast vehicles.  Several new sizes will be coming in the very near future.  I suggest joining our VIP Club to stay informed with new releases (as well as getting a discount on all your purchases).

What Else??

Nozlen has a couple other online store fronts that have had tremendous success over the last several years…. NozlenTubes.com focuses on our line of Plastic Document Storage tubes.

Check out our Nozlen Document Poster Tubes we​bsite

But Wait, There's More!!

NozlenToys.com is an “online toy store” with hundreds of different popular products and collector items from dozens of different manufacturers.

Check out our Nozlen Toys website